Learning a new trade and staying true to you

I’m my own worst enemy in that I strive for perfection but  at the same time I find myself comparing to all those in my field. This morning while I was in the garden picking foliage - a regular Sunday consideration nowadays - when I looked at the leaves on my viburnum and thought crikey these have a lot of “bad’ spots  or what gardeners call thrip. Perhaps I should start spraying the trees so that when I use this foliage there are no complaints.

But then why would I do that when what I am striving for is an organic following. For the flowers and bouquets that you buy from The Flower Crate are real and as natural as I can possibly manage.

When you stand and look at a tree you look at the beauty of its shape, its colour and the tree as a whole. You don’t focus on an single leaf and say “that’s marked, the tree is ugly”
I choose to use greenery from gardens so I can have variety, texture, colour that will bring interest to our bouquets.

So why then do I feel the need to spray my trees or apologise for the small marks and oddities on the leaves?

Because in this day and age of social media we are not only body and food conscious we are business conscious. We need to show our products are better than our neighbours. More beautiful, more healthy, more value

Instead occasionally we need to remind ourselves why we are doing this, what our ethos is, what our commitment to ourselves, our customers, our environment

As I said at the start I am my own worst enemy as I am new in this game and so I find myself constantly checking myself against others when what I really should be doing is being me. Producing what stands true and resonates with me.

THERE IS NO PLANET B - why I have taken the steps I have

I have started my own cutting garden with advice from friends I have met since being in The Flower Crate. I have always been a gardener as has my mother and my grand mother and I quickly realised that the foliage in an arrangement is a very important part of what you receive in your bouquets. So my cutting garden has morphed a little from  the original intention to plant cut flowers to now planting plants that I can use for foliage.

They are in my rabbit proof area so they can get a good start in life and it is so exciting to see this side of The Flower Crate grow - literally

A lady I met recently told me the ⅓ ⅓ ⅓ rule 

Harvest a ⅓

Cut a ⅓

Leave a ⅓

So it may be a few seasons before I really start being able to make full use of my plantings :)

I have made the decision not to use plastic or non biodegradable shiny paper to wrap my blooms. 

I have sourced ecowraps to wraps the stems when we wet wrap our bouquets so they arrive to you in top condition and I have now sourced biodegradable bags to keep the wet wrap from ruining your paper (the ecowraps make excellent dishcloths)

This all takes time and research but it is so we can provide as ecologically sound and natural flowers as we can.

The person who loves the bonsai may still find beauty in the wildflower meadow.

Alex x


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