Flower Care

Thank you for choosing flowers from The Flower Crate.

We wet wrap our bouquets and flower carriers so that the stems are looked after between leaving the shop and going in to a vase. We recommend that they are in water as soon as possible and no longer than 4 hours in the wet wrap.

If you are going to keep your flowers overnight before gifting them then please remove them from the wet wrap and place in a clean vase of water in a cool place. Adding flower food is not necessary at this point.

All our flower wet wrap products are recycled and/or compostable. The wet cloth is a great kitchen or bathroom cloth made form bamboo and will happily compost down after you have finished.


  1. Fill a vase with water 2- 4 inches of water and add 1/2 the sachet of floral food provided 

  2. Carefully remove the flowers from the wrap or sleeves they have been transported in, flowers need to breathe! 

  3. Remove any foliage that will sit under the water level, this will help to keep the water clear and clean

  4. With a sharp knife or scissors cut the stems at a sharp angle. This exposes a fresh part of the stem and allows the flower to absorb the water

  5. Immediately arrange flowers as desired and place in a cool position away from draughts, sun and ripening fruit

  6. Every 3-4 days repeat the above steps

  7. Your flowers will age differently. As some flowers come to their end then remove them from the vase and continue to enjoy the rest.

  8. You may also choose to dry some of your blooms. If that is the case remove them before they are in the dying phase

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