Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray

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 After a long wait due to their warehouse being destroyed in a fire we have the amazing Salt Lab Magnesium Spray back in stock. 
2 sizes and now a refill pouch. 

Everyone knows that we’re much better at ‘doing life’ when we’re rested

  • Salt Lab creates premium, effective magnesium products that bring a healthy dose of ease and energy into your everyday living. Our transdermal magnesium products are a superior method for safely increasing magnesium levels in the body, relieving sore muscles and joints, reducing pain related to functional magnesium deficiency, replenishing depleted soft tissues and facilitating sleep.

    Our ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed magnesium products are beautiful and all-natural, but they’re not only here to be admired – they also do wonders for your body. They’ll help you relax and fall asleep after a stressful day. They’ll relieve your overworked muscles after a session at the gym. And they’ll pacify your menstrual cramps and back tension to help you heal and recover faster. It’s a sleep reset and an energy booster all rolled in one.

    Carefully formulated with only the purest ingredients, our products are safe to use for the whole family, helping to restore the precious balance in life.

    Through our packaging we’re trying to minimise the impact humans have on the environment. Less waste means cleaner soils, better produce and – as a result – healthier people.

    Transdermal Magnesium administration bypasses processing by the liver. 

    Transdermal magnesium spray delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal symptoms, such as diarrhea, associated with oral use.

    Using other magnesium salts over Transdermal Magnesium is less advantageous because these have to be converted into chlorides in the body anyway. We may use magnesium as oxide or carbonate (generally what powders & pills are made of) but then we need to produce additional hydrochloric acid to absorb them. Many aging individuals, especially with chronic diseases who desperately need more magnesium, cannot produce sufficient hydrochloric acid and thus cannot absorb the oxide or carbonate. Therefore, Transdermal Magnesium Oil is the most accessible magnesium supplement for your body.

    Our high-grade magnesium oil contains magnesium chloride from The Dead Sea. Fun fact: Magnesium oil is a mineral that’s been used since ancient times to boost wellness and nourish skin.
  • It’s brilliant for helping you rejuvenate, relax and unwind after a big gym session (or a big, stressful day).
  • Used before bed, this product will help you take the time to reset and truly relax before you drift off to sleep.
  • Did we mention it’s super nourishing and soothing for all skin types? There’s that, too.
  • Designed and developed by exercise scientists, athletes and gym owners, this product comes approved by professional athletes and massage therapists.
  • Vegan, 100% natural, Australian owned and made in Melbourne.

How to use it
Yes, our Magnesium Oil Spray is more than just a pretty bottle. Spritz a few sprays onto your belly (or wherever you’re so inclined) and massage in gently. Thanks to its nifty spray nozzle, you don’t need to worry about it leaking in your gym bag. This hard-working spray will last up to six months.

Ingredients - Purified Water, Magnesium Chloride

Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray - The Flower Crate
Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray - The Flower Crate
Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray - The Flower Crate
Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray - The Flower Crate