Philodendron Micans - Velvet Leaf

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The first thing you notice about this plant are the gorgeous velvety leaves. This is an easy care philodendron and a great beginner philodendron that can be left to trail or trained up a moss pole or totem. 


New leaves come out in a pinky/bronze colour. But what will make you fall in complete love with this plant is the velvet lustre and finish of the leaves.

If you can take care of a Heartleaf or a Brasil you will be able to look after this beauty too.

  • Medium to bright indirect light
  • Keep the soil evenly moist, not soggy or wet. If the leaves curl it means they are desperate for a drink
  • Toxic to pets and kids


This plant comes in:

14cm hanging nursery pot.

12cm nursery pot

Note: Plants in the pictures are very close to the plant you will receive. The pictures are only an indication of what your plant will look like as they will vary slightly in colour and size. 


Philodendron Micans - Velvet Leaf - The Flower Crate