Palo Santo Candle by Ayu

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Within a petal exists a cosmos of healing.

Ayu infuses the ancient power of plants, flowers, resins and barks to enhance your modern universe.

Made and measured with the ancient art of perfume, aimed to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Scent is a powerful supplement to a larger story, defining life’s moments, capturing memories and moods.


A harbinger of healing and good fortune, Palo Santo has been used by Shamans for centuries to deepen their connection to both earth and the energies beyond. Steeped in magic and mysticism, this spiritual wood is fused with sparkling citrus, musk and warm vanilla, to breathe the belief in universal peace and calm. A gentle burning will help to invoke its purifying virtues, restoring tranquillity and calm.  

Ayu candles are individually hand-poured which means there can be slight variations between each candle. Their imperfections are what make them perfect.

100% coconut soy wax blend

  • Scent Profile

    Woody, Earthy, Citrus

  • Properties

    Grounding, Uplifting, Calming,

  • Dosha

    Vata Kapha

240g / 25hr burn time

Palo Santo Candle by Ayu - The Flower Crate
Palo Santo Candle by Ayu - The Flower Crate