Mayde Tea - Organic Chai

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Indian Masala Chai was traditionally consumed to warm and support digestive function and improve circulation. This aromatic blend of high-grade organic Ceylon black tea and hand-ground herbs and spices retains these restorative, therapeutic properties in a deliciously sweet and spicy brew.
40 serve tube.
Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, clove, black pepper

Contains natural traces of caffeine.


About Mayde Tea, Byron Bay:
Naturopath & Nutritionist Kate Dalton, the heart and soul behind Mayde Tea, discovered the transformative power of tea on her personal health journey. Today, she ardently shares her love for plant-based healing and the art of natural living through our exquisite Mayde Tea collection. With unwavering conviction, Kate believes that Mother Nature offers us the finest resources for safeguarding our health.

Mayde Tea - Organic Chai - The Flower Crate