Japanese Camelia Oil

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Kurobara Camellia Oil is great for the protection of corrosion on your tools and blades. It is a versatile, light oil, from the seeds of the camellia tree and is acid free, is not volatile, and is not susceptible to resinification, making it the ideal oil to protect your tools from rust.
Made from pure natural plant product, mixed with mineral oil, Kurobara Camellia Oil is especially suited for the preservation of hand
We have 2 different convenient size bottles available…
- 100ml refill bottle (comes with oil)
- 240ml atomiser spray bottle (come with oil)

For the best results, pour a little oil onto a clean cloth or rag (you do not need much) and simply wipe your tools and or blades after cleaning. 

Japanese Camellia Oil - The Flower Crate
Japanese Camelia Oil - The Flower Crate