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Formulated for orchids and plants that share similar nutritional requirements, Especially popular for hoya.

Also beneficial for peperomia, begonia, roses, african violets, azaleas, rhododendrons, camellia and magnolia. 

Why GT Orchid Focus is unique


Most fertilisers are missing calcium. The few that include it are 2-part formulas. Many resort to supplementing calcium separately (with guesswork to avoid over-dosing). Without sufficient calcium, irreversible damage can occur in new growth. Signs also include yellow leaf margins, black leaf tips, early flower drop, buds that form but don't flower, and weak, curled leaves. GT Orchid Focus includes calcium, in a single-dose formula, at the higher level orchids and hoyas need to prevent irreversible deficiencies.


Potassium Chloride tops the list for the highest-salt index of all common fertiliser ingredients. High-salt fertilisers are most definitely not good for orchids or hoyas. High chloride levels can scorch foliage and stunt growth, change soil pH, turning safe nutrients toxic, putting plants at risk of an early, yet preventable death. GT Orchid Focus is free of chlorides.


The most common nitrogen source in fertilisers, however harder for orchids and hoyas to convert into life-giving nitrogen. With urea as the nitrogen source, the risk of fertiliser burn increases. GT Orchid Focus is urea-free, using instantly available nitrate instead. 


Most orchids and hoyas we keep are epiphytes which do best with a pH close to that of rain, around pH6. Even if you provide all 12 essential minerals, if the pH is wrong, nutrients can be locked in the soil. A pH of 6 emulates the slightly acidic pH most orchids and hoya prefer, keeping all 12 essential nutrients safe and available. GT Orchid Focus is pH buffered to pH6.


['key-lay-ted] For orchids to utilise the 5 essential metal minerals they need to be in a water-soluble form. Chelating attaches organic molecules to metal minerals such as iron, keeping them water-soluble, unlocked and availableGT Orchid Focus uses chelated metal minerals to help avoid deficiencies.


All 12 essential minerals orchids and hoyas need, and nothing they don't. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper and molybdenum. GT is formulated for orchids and genera with similar nutritional requirements. No nickel or cobalt, essential for crops such as barley, and legumes such as beans, but potentially toxic, even in low levels for orchid and hoya. No added sodium. Essential for some C4 plants, like celery and spinach, but phytotoxic for orchids and hoya.

Why a special fertiliser for foliage?

Orchids and hoyas need the same 12 essential minerals, but amounts required change depending on lifecycle phase. The biggest nutritional variation is between mineral requirements during the vegetative phase (when growing foliage), versus the reproductive state (when flowering). 

During the vegetative phase, mineral requirements are not the same as the reproductive phase, requiring the shift from a bloom to a grow formula, to support the growth required to support repeat blooming next season. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium levels and more are all different. 

When to change from Bloom to Grow

Continue feeding BLOOM until flowering finishes, then shift toGT Orchid GROW. For when to shift to GT Orchid Bloom.

Directions for use

Dilute 5mls GT per 1 litre water, every time you water. Adjust up to 10mls according to the plant's needs. FREE 5ml pipette with GT orders makes dose easy. One 1 litre bottle of GT Focus makes up to 200 litres


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