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Wildflower Mix

Microgreens are a tasty and healthy addition to any meal from sandwiches, salads and soups. User friendly and super easy to grow yourself, these seed packets will add a splash of green to any kitchen space; and are a great way to engage kids in both gardening and cooking.

Pea Tendrils
These tasty Fiji Feather Pea microgreens are bred for its feathery tendrils at the end of the shoots. They will re-grow if you don’t cut them too low. Make sure when you cut, they still have a little leaf on the stem. These packs are 80g and based on a standard ice cream size container you should get 2 trays full of seed and from each try you will get multiple cuts if cut correctly.

Rocket Microgreens
Rocket for microgreens is a very fast growing green. It has a punchy flavour with a tangy and peppery taste. Add to any savory meal for a boost of nutrients, flavour and colour. Rocket will be ready for harvest in approximately 7 days.

Flora Grow Pea Shoots
Flora Grow Rocket Microgreens