Epipremnum Pinnatum Green

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This plant has a beautiful, lush dark green leaf.

It is a vining/trailing plant that can also be grown up a pole - pair with our Vertical Grow system

Pot diameter: 16cm hanging planter


Light levels: The Pinnatum can survive in low light conditions. However, it will thrive and grow a lot faster in medium to bright indirect light conditions. 

Watering: When watering, give the plant a good soak from the bottom of the pot and ensure that it has time to dry down in between watering.

Feeding: Apply a slow release liquid fertiliser in the summer months.

Growth: A reasonably fast growing plant which can be left to hang or grown up a pole.

Toxicity: Be sure to keep this plant variety away from children and pets.

Epipremnum Pinnatum Green - The Flower Crate