Sweet Disorder - Mistletoe Kisses

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All of these sweets have been thoroughly taste tested by experienced sweet experts to ensure they are super yummy and of the finest quality for our customers 😊 .

Most of the sweets are classic New Zealand candies such as fizzies, blackballs, granny mints, but they do search for other options worldwide for any other gummies and candies if they can’t find them here in NZ.

Their mission is to add a dash of fun and a sprinkle of happiness to everyday life and we donate a percentage of every sale to charities that support mental health and wellbeing in NZ.

For those times when wanting to share festive love, friendship and kisses.

  • Contains New Zealand made Black Ball Candy.

  • May contain wheat flour.

Sweet Disorder - Mistletoe Kisses - The Flower Crate