Narrative Lab - Solid Perfume

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Finding that smell that makes you feel elevated, inspired and confident is the key to finding your signature scent. Narrative Lab fine fragrances are built around these themes: earth, forest, ocean and midnight. Inspired by natural textures, nature's colour palette and our favourite fragrance memories.
Our fragrances are complex and luxurious and have layers of different notes that release throughout the day. The top notes are the first thing you smell when the fragrance is fresh, the heart notes are like a second wave that evolves on your skin throughout the day and the base notes are the grounding woods and deep tones that linger the longest.
Smells like: The eye of the tiger
Wear when: You have the strength to do what’s right, even when it’s unpopular
Classification: Forest
Tone: Woody
Feels like: The frontline
Smells like: Saffron spice with fresh grapefruit and rich, woody oud leather
Classification: Midnight
Tone: Spicy
Crushing It
Smells like: Winning
Wear when: Everything you touch turns to gold
Classification: Earth
Tone: Fruity
Smells like: Being part of something bigger
Wear when: You know that you are enough
Classification: Earth
Tone: Floral
The Calling
Smells like: Knowing your why
Wear when: You are in alignment with your life’s true purpose
Classification: Midnight
Tone: Oriental vanilla
Rose Above
Smells like: Taking the higher ground
Classification: Earth
Tone: Floral Rose
Smells like: The start of a new season
Classification: Mist
Tone: Floral aquatic
Narrative Lab - Solid Perfume
Narrative Lab - Solid Perfume