Aermeda Soap - Buttermilk & Egg Yolk

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Buttermilk is our chosen milk for this soap. The natural properties of Buttermilk make it a luxurious ingredient choice. The lactic acid in butter milk makes an excellent natural exfoliant while, the fusion of Buttermilk and egg yolk create the perfect combination for nurturing your skin. As with our other soaps, we have formulated our recipe without water - water is replaced fully with milk.

Our terracotta rope contrasts well with the warm colour achieved by combining Brazilian Golden Clay and Annatto Seed Powder, while Organic Lemon Peel Powder is added for visual interest and gentle exfoliation.

The floral notes of Geranium and Lavender combine harmoniously to produce a blend that is calming, balancing and grounding.

Incredibly mild, our formulation has a creamy, conditioning lather – and the sugar in the milk boosts the bubbles too! The high Olive Oil content makes it the perfect soap for sensitive or delicate skin. We think our hydrating Butter Milk & Egg Yolk Bastille soap is wonderful, as it combines the rich skin soothing qualities of Castile soap, but you still have the cleansing ability and great lather that other oils can provide!

Provide a plastic free option for a long lasting cleansing bar.

See full ingredients list below.

Weight 155g

Aermeda Soap - Buttermilk & Egg Yolk - The Flower Crate