A little bit about us

A little bit about us - The Flower Crate

At The Flower Crate, we respect the seasons and uphold our commitment to floral sustainability.

We choose to use only New Zealand grown flowers and from the months of November through to May we rely heavily on our flower farmers here in the Waikato.
This is reflected in the flower availability in our shop. 

Working within the seasons & local geography is the way forward for creating a sustainable industry and we invite you to join us in celebrating local, carefully curated flowers. Our foliage is thoughtfully selected and grown locally.
This means you won’t find roses from Columbia and India or greenery from Malaysia. Nor will you be able to select fresh and everlasting flowers that have been chemically dyed to suit your colour theme. Mother Nature has an incredible capacity to produce blooms of every single shade and we don’t need to interfere with that!Let the seasons inspire us. They give us something to look forward to and teach us to enjoy what has been and what is to come.

The use of natural, compostable materials to create your blooms is also a potent change. We advocate no plastic wraps & zero floral foam. Your decision to support our local small business and these small scale growers is a pivotal one for the continuation of sustainable floristry. If you have questions about sustainable local and seasonal flowers please ask us, we’re excited and passionate about sharing our knowledge and journey. We hope you are too!

Yours in Bloom