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Nestled between the estuary of Blueskin Bay and the mouth of the Waikouaiti River at Karitane, Seacliff Organics is home to New Zealand's first locally-sourced true Living Soil.

Seacliff Organics offers soil solutions and soil amendments for home gardeners, horticulturalists and farmers. Their Living Soil is made in Otago, from the finest local ingredients to provide you with a soil that tends to itself.

Modern methods of horticulture rely on persistent fertilization which can adversely affect the microorganisms living within the soil. They are unique in their approach to Living Soil, creating a dynamic and biologically active organic soil using locally sourced materials to deliver the optimum nutrition to your plants.

Many growers today rely on sterile store bought compost mixes and branded liquid nutrients with open ended claims. Seacliff Organics takes it back to the fundamentals, rich humus and balanced minerals thriving with microbiological activity with a focus on waste reduction and sustainable local sourcing.

Neem Oil 250ml

Cold processed with high Azadirachtin content of minimum 3500ppm.

Neem is a fantastic pesticide which is perfect for targeting critters who want a bite of your crop. Neem targets aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, whitefly, mites, gnats, caterpillars and much more giving you less to worry about and more to harvest. 

Neem is far less toxic than alternative pest management sprays which is great news to people and animals in and around your garden. 

This Neem is 100% pure, and does not contain any solvents or emulsifiers. 

Ecocert organic certified input.

Recommended Usage:

Neem becomes solid at cooler temperatures, heat the bottle in hot water to make it more viscous. 

  • To make 5L of Neem spray, add 250ml of warm water into your 5L sprayer.
  • Add 25ml of Pure Organic Neem Oil and 5g of an emulsifier (Eco-friendly detergent or silica) and shake well. 
  • Fill the remainder of the sprayer with water. 

As a general rule, add 5ml of Pure Organic Neem Oil, and 1g of emulsifier per litre of water. 

It's not recommended to spray Neem on foliage you intend to eat as it can be difficult to wash off. Although it's low in toxicity, we do not recommend consuming Neem Oil, applying Neem oil several weeks before harvesting is the best way to go. 

Seacliff Organics - Neem Oil 250ml - The Flower Crate