Philodendron Green Princess

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A relatively newcomer on the block this beautiful lush indoor plant is an easy care option (provided you don’t over water)

  • Indirect sunlight/light levels. Well suited to bathrooms and bedroom with lower light levels.
  • warm humid atmosphere
  • Fertilise in the warmer months
  • keep away from draughts 

The Philodendron Green Princess is a striking plant featuring dark-green glossy oval shaped leaves that are detailed with subtle lines across the face. While the Philodendron family is known for its large leaved beauties, this plant has been designed to showcase the elegance of its simplistic foliage while growing to the limited height of only 50-60cm. This creates a perfect combination of its easy to care for Philodendron nature, while being a plant that will not dominate too much space in your home.

20cm planter pot

Philodendron Green Princess - The Flower Crate