Ora Peace Of Mind Roller Blend (infused with crystal gemstones)

Ora Peace Of Mind Roller Blend (infused with crystal gemstones)

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Peace of Mind promotes a calm and total peace to the mind and soul. Perfect to end the day with or in Savasana. This special one has a real Rose Quartz crystals infused to add to the healing and warming benefits.

What to do:

Apply to pulse points (wrists, neck, soles of the feet) or anywhere you feel needed. Enjoy wearing as a natural perfume scent, keep handy in your handbag for times of anxiety or stress. 

100% therapeutic essential oils in a Sweet Almond Carrier. 

 *Not suitable for early pregnancy*

20 ml


Frankincense - Fantastic for an agitated mind. It provides a calming and opening effect on the mind, ideal during meditation or times of stress and anxiety when a tight, contracted state is common. 

Lavender- Promotes a calm and gentle atmosphere. Lavender calms nervous tension and acts as a gentle sedative to aid sleep and ease agitation and irritability. Perfect for stress and tension headaches.

Vetiver - Vetiver is a wonderful oil to restore vitality when feeling burnt out and exhausted. It helps protect those who are oversensitive or traumatised, helps calm irritability and anger, and restores balance to a highly-strung nervous system.

Clary Sage - Clary Sage is of great help during times of anxiety, nervous tension, low mood and nervous depletion. Especially helpful when the mind feels panicky, fearful, scattered or out of control. Clary Sage helps regain perspective and a sense of wellbeing and calm. A good post-natal essential oil to help adapt and recover from childbirth. The euphoric action of Clary Sage is also helpful to open and centre the mind during times of stress, creative processes or meditation.

Marjoram Sweet - Marjoram oil has a sedating effect, recommended for hyperactive or extreme emotional states, and sleep problems. It is suggested during grief to calm the emotions and comfort the heart.

Ho Leaf - Ho Leaf oil has a tonic effect on the nervous system, helping to balance the emotions with a calming yet uplifting effect. A nice oil to diffuse during meditation, when feeling fatigued, stressed or overwhelmed, and for low libido.

 Rose Quartz - Greek and Roman myths were the first to attach the symbol of love to the rose quartz meaning. According to the myth, Cupid, the Roman god of desire, or Eros, the Greek god of love, bestowed the gift of love to humans in the form of a rose quartz. Another rose quartz myth tells of the stone receiving its colour from the blood Aphrodite spilt in trying to save her dying lover Adonis. Both of the lovers bled over the stone, and its lasting stain is meant to represent eternal love. Later in Ancient Native American cultures, the rose quartz stone meaning was the same. They believed that this love stone could be used in amulets to resolve anger and disappointments and bring love into the newly harmonized emotions. 


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