Hori Hori Weeder Knife, 170mm

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The Japanese Hori Hori (or sometimes referred to as a ‘soil knife’ or ‘weeding knife’) has a steel blade for gardening jobs such as digging or cutting.

The word Hori means “to dig” in Japanese, and the tool was originally designed and used for carefully excavating wild plants and vegetables in the mountains.

One side of the blade is razor sharp and the other side is serrated for cutting through roots and tough soil.

We have 2 different sizes available, and the large size tool also has measurements on the inside of the blade to assist with planting.

The Hori Hori has all sorts of uses in the garden such as weeding, cutting roots, bulb planting, transplanting, removing plants, and general subterranean rummaging. The blade is concave shaped to make it ideal for digging and prying.

Maintenance: Although these tools are made from high quality steel, they can still rust if not properly maintained. We recommend you clean and oil the blades after use and then store away in a moisture-free place.

  • Large
  • Blade Length - 170mm
  • Total Length - 320mm
  • Weight - 300g
  • Measurement ruler on inside of blade for planting
  • Wooden Handle


Hori Hori Weeder Knife, 170mm - The Flower Crate