Echinopsis Species

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Echinopsis is the most popular and widely grown genus from the family of cactus. This genus includes more than 100 species varying in size, shape and growing habits. Most of the species in the genus of Echinopsis grow in clusters of globular heads.

In some species, these globular heads remain solitary whereas some species produce several offspring around globular heads.The flowers of Echinopsis open only at night, to be pollinated by moths, and close in the morning. The flowers of Echinopsis are short-lived. They grow only in situations where the soil is sandy or gravelly, or on the sides of hills in the crevices of rocks.

These hanging baskets are a delightful way to watch and stay out of harms way!

Full sun to part shade. 

Drought Tolerant.

14cm hanging basket.

Echinopsis Species - The Flower Crate