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Here's something seriously worth wagging your tail over an amazing canine combo!

Awoof Wash provides the wash, with its 100% natural formulation.

Ruff Star tames pups' coat while also neutralising odours (here, there, anywhere) with its fresh, fabric-friendly fragrance.

Both products are loaded with beneficial plant-based oils and extracts so you can be sure pup will be both cleansed and soothed. After all this attention, you'll have a pup seriously worth snuggling; scented with the natural freshness of Doug Dug & Dug's crisp notes.

This Christmas Ashley & Co are all about living in the Brightside. With their bold use of colour, they’ve curated a vibrant collection that’s overtly optimistic. It’s all about living life to the full, with a spirited feeling both inside and outside the home. At Christmas especially, they want to share this brightness and joy - with you, your friends and family. 

Beautifully packaged and ready to give, you’ll find something for everyone in this ultra-vivid edit.

Set includes:
Awoof Wash Dog Shampoo 500ml
Ruff Star Freshen + Tame Dog Conditioning Spray 250ml

Ashley & Co - Dog Box - The Flower Crate