A6 memobottle silicone sleeve

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The A6 Sea Mist Silicone Sleeve adds personality to your memobottle while protecting it from life’s little bumps and bruises.

With a smooth matte finish and added thermal insulation, they are the perfect example of form meets function.

The A6 Sea Mist Silicone Sleeve fits the A6 memobottle like a glove.


Fresh and unique, The Sea Mist Silicone Sleeve takes from the ocean and tropical vibe with an urban twist. From the street to the unknown, up your style game with this adventurous extension to your memobottle.

Soft and playful, the Pale Coral Silicone Sleeve transitions beautifully from active to outing. The muted tone is the perfect compliment to your outfit and accessories.

  • Drop protection

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Non-toxic
A6 memobottle silicone sleeve - The Flower Crate