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Senecio radicans, also known as String of Bananas, is a gorgeous trailing succulent that grows primarily in southern Africa, around South Africa.

A breathtaking addition to any indoor plant collection, this beautiful succulent’s unique, banana-shaped leaves is where it gets its nickname.

Growing up to about three feet long, this succulent is wonderful for small, climate-controlled spaces like apartments or greenhouses.

Like all succulents, the String of Bananas is generally hardy and resilient in the face of drought. It does, however, have a few particular care needs to thrive.


Since this plant hails from southern Africa, you’d think it would need lots of sunlight. However, String of Bananas tends to thrive in partial sun and light shade. It’s best to keep this succulent near a window facing away from where the sun shines or near other plants that will filter sunlight.

String of Bananas can survive in full sun, but always make sure to prevent it from receiving direct light, as direct sunlight will burn the plant’s leaves.


When you water, make sure you do so when the soil is completely dry. Unlike other succulents, this plant doesn’t have a particular watering schedule but will need water once its soil has dried completely. To check if your String of Bananas is ready for watering, stick your finger about two inches into the soil. If your finger comes out dry, then you’re set to water. 


Best done in spring and summer with a liquid fertiliser

14cm hanging basket

Senecio radicans - Bananas - The Flower Crate