Ora Pepe Baby and Pregnancy Oil

Ora Pepe Baby and Pregnancy Oil

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A very gentle calming all-purpose oil with carminative properties helping to soothe stomach aches, digestion and release of gas.  A lovely moisturizing oil which helps prepare you and baby for a restful sleep.  Can also be used in the baby bath, for cradle cap and nappy rash.  Our most gentle and highest quality baby-safe essential oils are used in this liquid gold remedy to achieve optimum results while nourishing baby's pure skin.

50 ml

What to do: For pregnant mamas, apply to belly to prevent or to help fade stretch marks or for a restful sleep. For baby, add a few drops to the bath to take that harshness from the water, apply again when the baby is towelled. If baby tolerates massage, use a circular clockwise motion over the belly, back and into soles of the feet. If baby is showing signs of cradle cap, apply half a squeeze to the crown and gently massage and let soak while baby is in the bath, then removed using a soft washcloth. This is also a beautiful soothing oil for nappy rash. 

This oil is safe to use during pregnancy and will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Note, you will feel sleepy after applying this to the belly - so it is ideal to be used at night. 

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