The beginning

Welcome to The Flower Crate and thank you for visiting either in person or online.

My name is Alex Bedford and this first blog of mine is going to be about me, who I am and my journey and vision for The Flower Crate (from now unknown as TFC!)

On the 31st March I was given (non contact of course) the keys to TFC.  I was unable to open doors due to Covid Lockdown, so instead I had to put a lot of my efforts into research and redevelopment.  While I couldn’t open for business I thought I might as well put my time to good use and make a start.

What would I do the same? Where would I make changes? 

Sandra had created such a beautiful little niche shop down the hip Lovegrove Lane my immediate thoughts were to change very little.

I began in earnest with the website and and logo. With the incredible support and creativity of my great friend Sarah (and yes we are still friends) we made some great in roads. At times I would forget my manners and simply fire her messages as ideas and questions came to mind, forgetting that she too was in lockdown and living the surreal life whilst being mother, wife, cook, friend and designer. I owe so much to her - thank you. Whilst on the thank you list, I need to say a big one to my family who have also been my amazing support crew through good and bad, computer meltdowns and first online orders they have had my back, thank you :) xx


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