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Hello! I have just re read my first 2 blogs where one seemed to amalgamate into 2. Before I sent them to Sarah to load onto the website I thought I’d better re read and make sure they are still relevant. They are.

Everything I have written is still exactly how I feel but what I found even more worthwhile in re reading was reminding myself how grateful I am to be the new owner of this beautiful store. I love sharing stories of our artisans with customers, passing on little insights into their lives. One candle maker who named her range after her youngest child; that must create some interesting family discussions! Another who haas created the most beautiful Beeswax woodwick candles, Abeille. Brett is so immersed in his passion for creating an exquisite product his enthusiasm is so contagious. Diaries made here in NZ from recycled coffee cups, sustainable cleaning products and apothecary products made with love and the finest pure ingredients... where do I stop? 

Too often I question what I am doing  and compare myself to those in similar business and yet tonight has reaffirmed what I am doing and I love being this “middle man”connecting the artisan or producer with the customer.
We had Pauline from Miel de Collines in store yesterday tasting her beautiful honey. Honey she makes with passion and hard work. Her love for her bees and getting to know her processes is so interesting - she only removes honey once a year so that she ensures the bees still retain enough for themselves.  These are the stories I love to share

She wants people to simply enjoy the honey - the tasting was not to push her product or make people feel pressured into buying because they had tasted it, it was to let people benefit and appreciate the deliciousness of this natural honey. She then drove back to her farm and tended her pregnant ewes to ensure their wellbeing in the coming lambing season.

These are peoples lives and it is an honour to share these snippets as well as their produce :)


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