Thank you Mrs B

Well it’s time to pull on my big girl pants and face the day that all crawlers have to face. It’s time to pull myself up on the nearby chair and take those first wobbly steps unassisted.

Today I farewelled my mentor. My new friend.
My advisor

I have been given 6 months of her care and attention and in those 6 months I have learned, laughed and lived in my new venture - The Flower Crate
It’s time for her to walk down her new path. It’s not the international travel she planned but I know that she will kick arse in whatever she turns her hand to from here on
( I also know she’s got my back and will be by my side if I holler for help!)

I know I have the biggest shoes to fill and daily I feel honoured to carry on the mantle of the last ten years of hard work and love.
One of the first things Sandra taught me resonated loudly and that is what the heart of this blog post is about
“Do what’s true to you”
And with that in mind you will continue to find beautiful and wild flowers, that will only be New Zealand grown.
You will not find any floral foam or plastic in our arrangements.
We will continue to advise that people love to receive flowers and it doesn’t always have to be in a bouquet.
A Flower Crate carrier filled single blooms or subtle flower shades will also make a beautiful gesture or gift.

There are many incredibly talented florists and floral artists. To you as the customers, we welcome every single one of you through our doors ( physical and online)
We pay attention to your requests but we also have to maintain our “truth to self” and will create your flowers according to our design ethos.

So with that said, farewell Mrs B
Words can’t begin to explain how much I owe you for all your guidance and know there will always be a pinny with your name on at The Flower Crate! 💐

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